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About Interdive

Who we are

Inter dive is Dubai based organization with international presence. We enjoy decades of tradition n bringing our underwater expertise on preparing world’s best ports, jetties and desalination plants. Inter dive have helped to execute some of the world’s most ambitious & world-renowned marine ventures ever attempted such as the magnificent artificial islands of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

What we do


Since 2006 inter dive has been at the forefront of diving services with major projects like Deira Palm, Yas Island marine works, RasLaffan quay wall work s in Doha, Sur jetty in Oman, Tawila quay wall work s with Archirodon in Abu Dhabi ,ADCOP pipe line and SBM work with van Oord in Fujairah and so on. We have designed and developed different methodologies and project based procedures considering the complexity of the individual projects.


Our Edge


A high standard of quality, health, safety and environment is vital to our success. We learn from experience, both within the company and throughout the industry as a whole, and committed to achieve continuous improvement. We pro-actively use our knowledge to thoroughly prepare and plan our project s to attain our safety goals.
By maintaining a high level of QHSE, we strive to exceed our client’s expectations, to create a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, and to protect the public and the environment.

Our Team

Diving project require thorough preparation, first class project management and operational flexibility to fully address the complexities of the project. Our staffs is dedicated, hands –on, innovative and focused on achieving outstanding results and trained to work safely in any given extreme working conditions .They are immensely motivated to work as one team from all level s.

Our Activities
Quay wall construction works
Underwater cutting and welding
Underwater photography
Underwater survey
Underwater demolition
Underwater construction
Underwater ship repairs
Underwater pipe & cable lying in excavated or direct to the sea bed level
Underwater cleaning of intake pipe lines Intake/Outfall construction
Assessment of underwater structures
Repairs & rehabilitation of underwater concrete structures underwater hydraulic structures
Assessment of underwater structures
Cleaning intake system
Pipeline cleaning & maintenance
Placing of underwater concrete accurately to the precise define line and level
Placing of pre cast concrete blocks with defined lines, levels at mm tolerance
Breakwater construction support services, involving dressing of rock armor to improve line, profile and quality of interlock
Placing of pre cast concrete armor units including tetra pods and stabits
Cooling water intake construction using of concrete, G.R.P and coated steel pipes.
Welded and bolted steel repairs, sheet and tabular pipes installation, maintenance and confirmation of cathode protection system
Shipp's hull repairing and patch work
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Cutting & Welding
Ship Repairs
Cutting & Welding
Ship Repairs
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